Our Team

Bruce Lowe
Founder, CEO and Director of MHHP

In a career that spans over four decades of musical innovation and achievement, Bruce Lowe is a constant reminder throughout the music industry of how powerful the combination of creative magic, communication and love really is.

Always on the cutting edge in music technology, Bruce’s fresh approach to sound design and music production has made a major impact on today’s new generation of sound.

Mr. Lowe is the owner Cinema Show Music, a successful music and sound production company based in Los Angeles, California which has been in existence since 1977. Lowe specializes in music production, composing, arranging, contracting, engineering, sound design, programming computers and synthesizers, performing multi instruments, recording, editing and mastering music and sound for films, records, television and commercials. A short list of his clients includes Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Quincy Jones, Steven Spielberg, Andraé Crouch, Billy Preston, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many more. Please visit www.cinemashowmusic.com for more about Bruce Lowe.

Since his teens, Mr. Lowe has spent his life being a part of inventing analog/digital translation of sound used in modern communications, working with frequencies of sound helping to pulverize some forms of cancer tumors, psychoacoustics, visiting patients and playing music in hospitals, hospice care facilities, behavioral health hospitals, rehab facilities, veteran’s hospitals, charities for cancer, AIDS, natural disasters, Special Olympics, prison release programs, music student’s college funds and more.

In 2018, Bruce started the foundation “Music Has Healing Power” with the mission of making music accessible to all and to provide a better life through music and sound, instruments, education, scientific research, compassion & love. The target is helping those inflicted with physical or behavior illnesses, including pediatrics and adult oncology, Alzheimer, PTSD, veterans, addiction, victims of natural disasters, hospice care patients and homelessness.

Lowe states, “I believe that most people primarily want to love and to be loved while knowing someone is there for them in time of need. I know music and sound does have healing power and I can think of nothing better than sharing that love, compassion and the healing power of music with others in need.”
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David Atmore
COO and Director of MHHP

As Director and COO of Music Has Healing Power, David Atmore brings a solid business career that spans over 30 years. David is also the COO of Cinema Show Music, Music Has Healing Power’s related music studio. …

David’s business career spans over 30 years in corporate America which includes time spent in the banking, finance and communications industry and the acquiring side of the merchant bank card industry.

David also spent 3 years as a senior manager with EMI Music/Capitol Records. While at EMI Music, David rediscovered an intense passion for music which he had carried with him since childhood – and this passion easily merged into the business world of music.

In 2008, through mutual friends, David met Bruce Lowe, founder/owner of Cinema Show Music. This meeting began a new business career which easily bridged David’s professional experience in the music industry along with his never ending passion for music.

In 2018 David helped form Music Has Healing Power and a new chapter began.
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Tina Lowe
Director/Medical Consultant

Tina Lowe is a driven and compassionate registered nurse of 32 years (17 years as a staff nurse and the additional years as hospital case manager).

Tina enjoys being part of a strong team and has a full understanding of the cooperation between patient care and advocacy and hospital utilization. She is highly skilled as a patient and family advocate and has strong communication skills focusing on solutions.

Tina has an excellent understanding of Interqual, HMO’s, PPO’s, Medicare and Medical. As a hospital case manager of med/surg units, Tina specializes in orthopedics and oncology. She is also highly involved with cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Tina has won many awards for her superior work in the medical field including, Service Excellence Awards, Employee of The Year Awards, Everyday Hero’s Award, and more. Her community outreach is extensive participating with The Cancer Foundation, The Leukemia Society, AIDS foundation, Teen Challenge, Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation, Special Olympics, victims of natural disasters, veterans, hospice and many more.

Tina also initiated “Turn Every Two” program as well as the “Get up and Move” program. Both programs were intended for ortho patients, but were used hospital wide and still are.

As a survivor of stage 4 cancer, Tina’s years in the fight taught her that music truly does have healing power. Whether pediatric or adult oncology, as well as most other types of illnesses, Tina states, “I have found that music helps patients get through both the physical pain and the stress of the illness. I have witnessed music lending a healing hand to patients of numerous physical and behavior illnesses.” Hence, Tina has become an invaluable director and medical consultant for the Music Has Healing Power Foundation.
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Shina Sebring
Technical, Creative and Social Media Producer/Developer

“Let’s be practical: musicians become programmers, generally not the other way around, simply because those gigs actually pay the bills.” –Rob Birdwell

It’s said, ‘Musicians make great programmers.’

As a classical pianist accompanying proficient singers, cellists and choirs while finding the magic and love of performing for convalescent homes and retirement communities in Orange County, Shina detoured to LA in the early 80s to explore and further her musical career. During this time, a chance meeting with Bruce Lowe of Cinema Show Music turned out to be major beneficial life influence.

Some years later, an unexpected new chapter opened as Shina made a dramatic career change from music to technology. This was the start of a 20+ years career as a professional computer developer.

In 2010, having seen a need for a website enhancement, Shina called Bruce out of the blue and stated one simple thing, “Bruce, I’d like to do your website.”

Shina has worked with Bruce and Cinema Show Music since then and has also adopted the role of Manager of Technology and Developer for Bruce Lowe’s non-profit foundation, Music Has Healing Power.
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Emily Lowe
Production Assistant/Media/Customer Support

Emily Lowe, has worked with Cinema Show Music for most of her life as a recording vocalist, production assistant, video designer, makeup artist and more.

Emily also has several movie credits for her work in special effects and beauty makeup.

Alongside those credits, Emily has worked with many non-profit organizations such as The Cancer Society, the Red Cross, Pediatrics oncology, the Leukemia Foundation, the AIDS Walk foundation and many more in order to raise funds and awareness.

Through strength, power, perseverance, and music, Emily has dedicated much of her time toward inspiring and helping other people heal. Hence, her natural progression into Music Has Healing Power.

Please visit https://www.instagram.com/emilylowemakeup/ for more on Emily’s makeup design.
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Robert Ochsendorf
Director/Creative & Marketing

I was raised in a musical environment and started my first band at a very young age. In the early seventies, I was asked to play guitar for country songwriter, Chuck Howard. This led to extensive traveling, …

…with considerable time being spent in Nashville, playing with many of the greats in country music. While I was playing in LA, I received a call from my father, who informed me of his failing health. He suggested I come back to Columbus, Ohio and take over E.R. Ochsendorf Co., the family advertising and marketing business, which I did.

Ochsendorf Promotions enjoyed substantial growth and peaked with thirty employees. Although the primary business for over fifty years has been corporate branding, we are also known for custom products, product development, jingles, importing and exporting.

Hectic as it was, I found time to play music with some of my longtime musician friends. Our band, The Hipnotics “Fabulous Entertainers” stayed busy playing corporate events, outdoor shows and clubs.

By this time, my mother was in her eighties. I discovered how important music was for her while in rehab for a fractured hip. Not only did it raise her spirits, it also cheered up those around her. Sadly, my sister is in an advanced stage of Alzheimer/dementia and is with hospice. Although she hasn’t spoken for over five years, when I play a Beatles song, she laughs and tries to talk. She normally stares at the wall or ceiling, until I play a song from her most active years. She then comes out of her trance and starts smiling and even laughing. On occasion, she’ll even try to sing. We have documented this many times. In the future, this will be added to the MHHP website.

Music Has Healing Powers… believe it!
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Guy Thomas
Music Dept. – Composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist

While still living in Ohio, at the age of 17, Guy was signed by RCA in New York as a solo artist. He moved on from that learning experience, to start his own band and then performed with a wide array of famous recording artists writing, singing and playing lead guitar, bass, and keyboards. …

In the eighties, Guy signed as a staff songwriter and had his songs recorded by numerous artists, including Carly Simon, Kenny Rogers, Smokey Robinson and Kenny Loggins. He co-wrote the hit “Conviction of the Heart” with Kenny Loggins, along with “Leap Of Faith” and “Now or Never” for Kenny’s LEAP OF FAITH album. Guy works from his studio composing and singing local and national commercials, trailers and television theme songs. Guy also performed with artists such as Kenny Loggins, Amy Grant, Michael McDonald, The Rembrandts, Michael Bolton, and Jackson Browne. Since signing as a writer with Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co. in 1996, Guy worked almost exclusively on various television and film projects. Included are, “Discovery Channel,” “History Channel,” “National Geographic Channel,” “A & E,” ” Dateline,” “Oprah,” “Extra”, “Anderson Cooper,” “Ellen DeGeneres,” “Pawn Stars,” “On The Case” with Paula Zahn, “TMZ,” “NBC Sports” and many more. For the past several years, Guy has scored hundreds of one and two hour prime-time cable television shows and specials. Guy’s expertise in current music trends has been well recognized in the academic community where he is an adjunct professor of modern music at UCLA. He is still an active writer for BMG/Chrysalis Music Publishing Company. He has various singles released on Spotify and iTunes.
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George Warf
Business Development

I came to Hollywood in 1965, like so many others, on a Greyhound bus hoping to fit into the music explosion that was happening at that time…


In 1971, after Uncle Sam had taken most of my band members in the draft, I tucked my guitar away and started on a 30-year “on again, off again” career with Pacific Bell, SBC and AT&T, with management assignment in both Operations and Marketing. I had several entrepreneurial businesses in the telecommunications industry during one of my “off again” periods.

In 1978, I ventured to my dream job: I became a personal manager for several aspiring musical acts here in Los Angeles. I also promoted shows at all of the noted venues in Hollywood, showcasing the acts that I was working with.

It was somewhere in the early 80’s that I was fortunate to meet Bruce Lowe. I was looking for a producer for the top two acts that I managed, one a power rock band, and the other an R&B singer. As you can imagine, I, and the artists were blown away to be working with Bruce. The talent that he was associated with were, and still are, powerhouses in both Rock and R&B. He brought his unique creative and technical touches to both projects and delivered stellar tracks.

Being born in the hills of West Virginia, I have always had an appreciation for how hard it is for people of a lower economic environment to flourish. I was lucky, my parents were fortunate enough to find work opportunities in Philadelphia and Chicago where I spent my formative years. But I never lost sight of my roots.

In 1998 I was part of a mission’s team that went to volunteer at an orphanage in the hills south of Ensenada, that was housing children of indigent and/or oppressed families. It started a 20-year love affair with the people and the region.

Through the leadership efforts of several of us we established Life House Foundation, a 501c3 charity supporting projects for children and adults in need. I was one of the founding Board members, serving as the Projects Development Director. Some of our supported projects included schools, orphanages, and outreach centers for abused women in Mexico and Kenya.

By far, the most aggressive and rewarding project we undertook was the construction of 2500 square feet, 10-classroom school complete with a library, music room, and 2-room dental office and lab at a large orphanage in the hills just south of Ensenada, Baja California.

As the Project Director of this 2-year project, I was the Recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow Award by Rotary International for leading projects dedicated to clean water, sanitation, and educational opportunities for children internationally.

We eventually expanded to serve single mothers, seniors, veterans, and families here in Southern California who had a need for much needed, unaffordable home repairs. Life House worked with the Wounded Warrior Project on two occasions. Life House was responsible for repairs to more that 50 homes over a two-year period.

As you can see, my two greatest passions are children and music. So, when I recently reconnected with Bruce, after 30 years, and saw what he and his team have accomplished with Music Has Healing Power, I wanted to get involved in any way they can use my talents. So, here I am. 🙂
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Austin Hall
Intern – Social Media Management

As someone who has experienced the power of music countless times and has had first-hand encounters with the power of love, I am grateful to have found my way to the Music Has Healing Power Organization. My name is Austin Hall, and I am a student at College of the Canyons, where I am majoring in post-production for audio.

My musical journey began at age 13 when I started writing lyrics as a form of escape. Over time, music became an outlet for my deepest emotions that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing. As my love for music grew, I learned how to record my music and eventually realized my passion for creating magic behind the scenes.

As an adopted foster child, I know that love seems like an impossible concept, but it is REAL. The love from my adoptive parents was contagious, and I strive to spread this infectious energy into the lives of others. I whole heartily believe here at the Music Has Healing Power Organization we are a beacon of hope and excitement for those who need it most. Armed with two of the most powerful forces in the universe, we have the ability to heal and bring positivity into the lives of those we touch.
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